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26 Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses To Support This Black History Month

Discover the Black-owned cannabis businesses in your area that you can support during Black History Month - and all of the time!

As marijuana reform sweeps the nation and millions of seasoned and novice consumers flock to their new local dispensaries, so much of what cannabis prohibition has done to the Black community is lost on the crowds.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Black Americans are on average 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than white Americans.

Whether you're a white cannabis consumer like myself or are simply looking to be more impactful when it comes to the push for true equity and reform in the cannabis space, there are steps you can take to be part of the solution.

By choosing to shop at Black-owned cannabis businesses, whether it's a smoke shop or a full-on dispensary, you're supporting the people and entrepreneurs who need and deserve your support more than any of those large corporations.

On that note, I figured now would be a good time to showcase a plethora of Black-owned cannabis businesses across the nation. But as I got into my research, I found myself frustrated by a general lack of results, especially in some of the whiter states in America.

On this list, you'll find a range of Black-owned cannabis businesses — from apparel shops to CBD coffee shops to classic dispos — that I'm hoping you'll choose to support (if you can) during this Black History Month (and all of the time).

Without further ado, let's dive in!


A lighthouse with a flying American flag

Maine residents voted to legalize medical marijuana way back in 1999. Then, in 2016, they voted in favor of establishing a recreational market as well. While it took a number of years to get the program off the ground, legal recreational sales finally began last year in 2021. That being said, Maine is one of the whitest states in the nation. According to the World Population Review's report, which relies on 2020 U.S. Census data, Maine's population is ~94.4% white. The Northeastern state's Black population rings in at ~1.7% — a staggeringly low number that is reflective of much of New England in general. But while that percentage is low, there are fantastic Black-owned businesses to patron, including a standout cannabis business.

image of a product that contains thc


An aerial shot of Burlington, VT on a cloudy day


City scape view

Pure Oasis — Boston, MA

Pure Oasis is widely known as Boston's first recreational dispensary — a feat of its own for anyone in the burgeoning cannabis space. Owned and operated by Kevin Hart and Kobie Evans, two Black entrepreneurs focused on giving back to their community, Pure Oasis is truly a place of reprieve for the local residents — both their patrons and now their employees. Per an article covering the opening of the shop on, "Among their 30 or so staffers are residents who live within walking distance from the shop, as well as people with prior criminal records", said Evans.

The duo chose to set up shop in Dorchester, "a dense and diverse neighborhood about four miles south of downtown Boston", with the community's needs in mind. “The war on drugs had a very detrimental impact on neighborhoods like this," Evans said after letting in the store’s first wave of 50 or so customers. "We’re here to try and remedy some of those negative effects. We’re trying to give people second [chances] and create new opportunities.”

Pure Oasis is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., so if you ever find yourself in the area, or want to support a Black-owned dispensary in the greater Boston area, you can easily access them via the T (Boston's subway system). There is street parking around for anyone driving in, but as anyone who knows Boston can tell you, it's best (and cheaper) to park outside the city and take the train in and around.  


city scape view of Connecticut at night

Your CBD Store – Simsbury, CT

While Your CBD Store is now a nationwide option in many major areas, the one in Simsbury, CT, is owned and operated by a dynamic duo of Black women — Nakia Kearse and Katonya Hughey. According to their About Us page, "We [the owners] both had personal health challenges and also saw those around us suffering from different ailments but struggling to find solutions that worked. Once we heard about the benefits of CBD, we tried it for ourselves and couldn't believe the results! That was when we started to explore ways to bring these powerful products to our community."

Kearse and Hughey's Your CBD Store location is widely hailed as an educational, helpful, friendly, and overall awesome place to shop for and learn about CBD. The cherry on top is that the store is "fur baby" friendly and offers hemp-infused dog treats — so you can even bring your best four-legged bud along on a trip to get some relaxing goodies for both of your needs. 

If you need CBD in CT, the Google reviews speak for themselves. Follow those five stars all the way to the Simsbury location! 

New York

The sunset shining through the New York City skyline, photographed from the water

Upstate CBD — Schenectady, NY

Upstate CBD is a cannabidiol carnival located in Schenectady, New York — about 30 minutes northwest of Albany. Owned by Donald Andrews, and managed by Renata Filiaci, this emporium of natural wellness is Black-owned and woman-managed. And when I say "cannabidiol carnival" and "emporium of wellness," I'm referring to their seemingly endless list of incredibly diverse offerings. 

Tinctures, edibles, topicals, drinks, pre-rolls, flower, and even pet products line the shelves of Upstate CBD, making it a place where everyone (including their cats and dogs) can find what they need. If you'd like to read more about the store and highly motivated owner, Don, his interview with Ganjapreneur from 2019 is enlightening and educational. The interviewer and Don discuss his "strategy for persevering through prejudice, how he builds friendships with his customer base, and why he works only with local artists and refuses to sell imported glass products."

New Jersey

An aerial shot of Trenton, NJ at sunset with the capital building in full view

CannaBoy TreeHouse — Union, NJ

CannaBoy TreeHouse is a well-established, Black-owned CBD dispensary in Union, New Jersey that offers the region an incredibly diverse selection of products. From tinctures, to isolates, to flower, to pet products, the local business is the one-stop CBD shop of your dreams. 

According to their website, "Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce pain, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness. Choose CBD as your vehicle to a more fulfilling life." This place is so community-centric that they even offer an event space where you can throw cannabis-themed parties and gatherings and learn about the benefits of CBD. 

If you're in the Union area, CannaBoy TreeHouse is a must-visit shop for those of us looking to support Black-owned cannabis businesses.


An view of the Richmond, VA skyline on a clear, sunny day


The Detroit, MI skyline as seen from Windsor, Ontario at sunset

Huron View — Ann Arbor, MI

Huron View is a truly unique dispensary with a truly unique story behind its opening. Owned by a mother-daughter duo, Christina and Teesha Montague, this location had an uphill battle when first trying to set up shop. Christina Montague (the mother), a former county commissioner, was granted her license after a careful zoning process that involved concerns about a daycare center across the street. But ever since she got approval, she and her small team have had an amazing ride. 

According to their website, "Huron View is committed to making cannabis accessible to those who need it and educating and empowering their patients." With both medical and recreational cannabis available, Huron View is a fantastic option for those who want to support Black-owned, women-owned, family-owned and operated businesses in the Ann Arbor area. 


A perspective shot of some buildings in Chicago, IL, taken looking slightly up from a low vantage point

THC by Chitiva — Bridgeview, IL

THC by Chitiva is a truly unique operation that sits just outside of the Windy City in Bridgeview, Illinois. They're a Black, Asian, women, and veteran-owned business that is deeply focused on social equity and innovation. To quote a blurb from their homepage, "...we fight corporate greed and Walmart W##D by producing and offering an artisanal craft experience for our customers."

In addition to being a dispensary, Chitiva offers incredible tours of their onsight facility where you can immerse yourself in learning about their plants and processes. While many consumers are perfectly happy to trust the experts when it comes to their bud, others are grateful for the opportunity to look behind the curtain and educate themselves on exactly what they're consuming and how it comes to be. 

If you're looking to support Black-owned cannabis businesses in a larger way than just purchasing their products, taking a tour of the Chitiva facility is a fantastic way to do so and learn along the way. 

Soul and Wellness — Chicago, IL

Soul and Wellness of Chicago, Illinois, is a Black-owned, woman-founded medical marijuana card services business, which also happens to offer a range of CBD products for their customers. Offering consultations about qualifying conditions and connections with doctors who can help their clients obtain medical cards, Soul and Wellness has become a pillar of Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. 

According to their website, Tiffany Reynolds, the founder, "has been in the cannabis industry for 5 years advocating and educating individuals about the medical benefits of the plant while breaking the stigma." With her Masters in Psychology and her holistic vision, "Tiffany’s goal is to be the catalyst for providing a wide array of resources, education, and holistic products to the community to reverse the curse on the war on drugs." 


A view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO, taken on a walking path with pine trees

Gentleman Quinns — Denver, CO

Founded by Jarell Wall and Austin Pflumm, Gentleman Quinns is a high-class, tobacco-free, Black-owned blunt company based in Denver, Colorado. While tobacco leaf-rolled blunts were and still are a popular way to consume marijuana, Gentleman Quinns — among many other companies — are making the move away from the potentially harmful plant and moving toward a health-conscious future that involves only cannabis. 

How do they do it, you ask? Their self-described "High Class Big A** Blunts" are wrapped in hemp papers and sold in gorgeous "Connoisseur Boxes." The cherry on top of their fantastic business model and products is that they're available at Simply Pure dispensary — the first Black-owned dispensary in Colorado and the United States. 

If you're looking for the feel and smell of a classic blunt but want to move away from tobacco, Gentleman Quinns is the way to go. 

image of a a case that reads high class big ass blunts with glasses next to the case


A lone cactus rises up among other desert plants on a sunny Arizona day

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Arizona only recently joined the legal recreational cannabis game, but they're definitely having some booming success over there in the Grand Canyon state. But while it seems cannabis business owners are hitting their stride, I had a difficult time finding Black-owned cannabis businesses in my research. Their population is ~77.22% white and ~4.50% Black. Ideally, social equity provisions will grant the latter community more opportunities in cannabis moving forward.

The Coughee Company — Tempe, AZ

Combining CBD with caffeine is something that many people (including myself) do on a regular basis, but the CBD-infused coffee offerings from The Coughee Company aren't something you can achieve at home with your Keurig. According to an interview with the owner, Donnell Jackson, linked on their website, "What sets us apart [from] almost all coffee shops is not only do we have CBD options, but we infuse our coffee beans during the roasting process. It’s not an after additive that creates an oily layer on your coffee or alters the taste as most CBD oils do." I, for one, am deeply intrigued and planning a trip to Tempe ASAP. 

One of the best things about visiting The Coughee Company, besides supporting a Black-owned business, is that they offer non-CBD beverages, as well. If you're in need of a little CBD pick me up but the friend you're with just wants regular coffee, you can both get what you need from this one-stop shop. 


People walk in front of the ferris wheel at the Las Vegas strip on a sunny day

Nevada Wellness Centers — Las Vegas, NV

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada Wellness Center is a Black-owned and operated 24-hour dispensary that also offers online shopping and store pick-up at their walk-up window. The owners, Frank Hawkins, Andre Rhodes, and Luther Mack, note that cultural diversity is one of the most important things about their business. 

According to their website, "We have a diverse Advisory Board and Workforce. More than 85% of NWC employee workforce is Hispanic, African American, disabled, gay/lesbian, and younger than 30 years of age." On top of being focused on diversity in cannabis, the Nevada Wellness Center also offers a program where, if you donate an old exit bag, they'll donate one can of food to local food banks! 


The Golden Gate Bridge partially covered by fog

SF Roots — Bay Area, CA

SF Roots, founded by Morris Kelly, is one of the most well-known Black-owned cannabis brands in California, especially around the Bay area, where both the founder and business were born. After a long uphill battle towards success, SF Roots products are now available in over 30 dispensaries up and down the Golden Coast, and can also be purchased via several cannabis delivery services. 

When you visit the SF Roots website, one thing is very clear: this is a company focused on social equity and equality as well as general cannabis reform. In addition to learning about the products they sell, you can learn a lot about the startling demographics of the cannabis industry on their Social Equity page! 

Next time you're searching for a Black-owned cannabis brand in a dispensary, ask an associate for SF Roots. Not only will you be supporting a Black-owned cannabis business but you'll also get to enjoy some of the best bud on the West Coast. 


The Space Needle in Seattle, WA in front of a bright orange and pink sunset


People walk by the enormous rocks at Cannon Beach in Oregon during a misty sunset

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Are there any Black-owned dispensaries in your area you'd love to highlight? Let me know in the comments section below!

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