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    Muslim Girls Break the Internet

    Yesterday, Yale University held its 14th annual Eid Banquet in the famed Commons Hall. Yale is still recovering. Plot twist: One of these women is now The Number One Poet in The World.

    Each Year, Yale University hosts a banquet to celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid Ul-Adha commemorating prophet Abraham and signaling the end of the pilgrimage.

    The event is held in a hall that looks basically like hogwarts

    This year, the women took charge and it was life altering.

    Their aim: to make waves as minority women at a top tier institution.

    Their method: slaying the game.

    Someone call Solange...

    Who Run the World?


    Just when we thought these Yale women couldn't get any more amazing...

    The photos and posts are quickly gaining traction on facebook

    Muslim girls + education + microphones = broken internet