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    Why Joe Biden Almost Got Arrested In Ohio In 1963

    Two women, a dorm room, and one Joe Biden.

    Reuters/John Kolesidis / Reuters

    ATHENS, Ohio — At a stop near Ohio University on Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden recalled an indiscretion during a trip to the school in 1963, when his University of Delaware Blue Hens played the Bobcats.

    “I didn't get arrested, but I almost did," Biden said. "Because back in those days men weren’t allowed anywhere near a woman’s dorm."

    Biden explained: "I got invited to a dorm, I thought I was in waiting room, but I got brought into hallway, I got escorted very quickly by an Athens policeman."

    In 2008, Biden recalled the incident with more detail:

    "I shouldn't admit this on national television," Biden began. He and his fellow Blue Hens had come to Athens for a football game, he explained, and stayed around afterward. He met two "young women" who were heading back to their dorms.

    "I said, 'Well I'll come with you.' And they said, 'okay,' and I walked into their dormitory," he said. "And [I] was immediately accosted by a cop who arrested me, because back in those days men were not allowed in women's dormitories."

    As the crowd, which included many students, laughed, he cautioned: "I promise you I never breached the first floor, and it was only a temporary detention. But that's what I most remember about Athens."

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