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    White House Surprised That Republicans Were Surprised By Fiscal Cliff Plan

    "This is the approach that garnered the President a lot of support in the election".

    HATFIELD, Penn. — A White House spokesman expressed shock Frida that Republicans were shocked by the administration's proposal to solve the fiscal cliff.

    "There was nothing included in those discussions that would surprise you," spokesman Josh Earnest express told reporters about Air Force One, when asked if the White House would release the proposal which got Republicans riled up on Thursday when presented to the congressional leadership by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. "I was surprised they [GOP] were surprised...There is no reason for anybody to be surprised."

    Earnest reiterated that the election gave Obama leverage to ask to raise taxes on the rich.

    "This is the approach that garnered the president a lot of support in the election," he said, saying that also means Republicans are at odds with the American people.

    Earnest would not go into detail on Obama's plans to reform entitlements, but said it included $100 billion in savings from medicare prescriptions drug purchases, and from means testing the program for wealthier Americans.

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