The Romney Campaign Presents: Super Tuesday By The Numbers

Confident Romney campaign shows its lighter side on key voting day.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney pumps his fist after speaking at a rally in Zanesville, Ohio, March 5, 2012, ahead of voting on Super Tuesday. JIM WATSON / Getty Images

Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul sent this list to reporters this morning:

Alaska: 1 – candidate has visited Alaska, Ron Paul.

Georgia: 20 – number of years Newt Gingrich represented GA.

Idaho: 0 – number of public polls conducted in ID (or maybe I just gave up looking too soon).

Massachusetts: 4 – number of years Mitt Romney governed MA.

North Dakota: 0 – number of times I’ve been to North Dakota (I know, riveting, right?).

Ohio: 2 –decades Santorum represented the state next door in Washington.

Oklahoma: 4 – number of times that song went through my head while I was trying to decide what to type here.

Tennessee: 21point poll lead Santorum had just a week ago.

Virginia: 46 –delegates at stake tomorrow in Sen. Santorum and Speaker Gingrich’s now home-state.

Vermont: 2 – candidates listed as from “Virginia” on this ballot.

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