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    Super PACs, Campaigns Don't Tap War Chests For Hurricane Relief

    Millions reserved for television ads.

    CBS News, Chris Usher / AP

    With Hurricane Sandy hitting the pause button on the presidential race, both campaigns have cancelled events and rallied supporters to donate to relief efforts.

    But neither they nor the deep-pocketed super PACs who run attack ads on their behalves are willing to tap their vast resources to do the same.

    “Gov. Romney personally donated to the Red Cross, just as he's encouraging others to do,” said a spokesperson when asked if the campaign would make a donation. “I'm sure you saw the e-mail that went out on it, and we have promoted Red Cross donation activities via Twitter, Facebook and a promo on our website.”

    The Obama campaign likewise has no plans to tap its bank accounts for the relief efforts, but President Barack Obama e-mailed supporters yesterday to encourage donations to the Red Cross, and campaign manager Jim Messina sent a similar missive this afternoon.

    A spokesperson for the Republican super PAC American Crossroads said he was not aware of any plan to contribute directly to storm relief efforts. A spokesperson for the Obama super PAC Priorities USA did not immediate respond to a request for comment. An official at Newt Gingrich's still-functioning super PAC, Winning Our Future, also didn't respond to a request for comment.

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