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    Ryan Trash-Talks Biden Before Debate

    "Three days with Joe Biden!"

    ROCHESTER, Mich. — Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is playing it cocky before his debate with Vice President Joe Biden this week, engaging in some trash-talk.

    "If Mitt told me I'd have to spend three days with Joe Biden... No way." Ryan said at a Pontiac, Mich. fundraiser Monday afternoon. "It's only 90 minutes. So thank you..."

    The Wisconsin congressman devoted three days to debate camp last week, and will hold two more days of preparation before they face off in Danville, Ky. on Thursday night.

    Joe Biden has dropped off the campaign trail for six straight days to hone his debating skills under the personal tutelage of Obama senior adviser David Axelrod.

    UPDATE: A Ryan spokesman emails to say "not cocky at was a joke."