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    Romney Schools Gingrich At His Own Game

    Newt had a nice run while it lasted.

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    It took Mitt Romney eight months, but he's finally learned how to silence Newt Gingrich.

    In tonight's CNN Florida Republican Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney stared Gingrich down and proved he was capable of defending his positions in the face of a quick-footed opponent.

    "The idea that I’m anti-immigrant is repulsive," Romney said in response to a Gingrich ad calling him "anti-immigrant." He added that it's the type of "over the top rhetoric that has characterized American politics for too long," saying he was glad Sen. Marco Rubio pushed Gingrich to repudiate it.

    Gingrich appeared dumbfounded by Romney's sudden debate prowess, saying "I'll give you the chance to self-describe."

    Romney said he's trying to follow the law, knowing he had already won the exchage.

    "I am pro-immigrant. I want people to come to America…I want them to come legally," he added to applause.

    In a later exchange, Romney again counterpunched hard, shoving Gingrich into the weeds of defending his advocacy on behalf of the mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

    "Angry Newt" proved no match for a ruthless, well-prepared, and confident Romney.

    Newt's been a great tune-up for Romney, but Romney's off to the big leagues now. The AAA pitcher just doesn't have the arm to go along with him.

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