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    Romney Salutes Lehrer For "Questions Of Substance"

    The winner is a fan of the moderator.

    Jim Urquhart / Reuters

    FISHERSVILLE, Va. — Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney recognized last night's debate moderator Jim Lehrer for his job conducting the first presidential debate.

    "Last night was an important night for the country," Romney said, as the crowd of over 6,000 burst into extended cheers.

    He saluted Lehrer's "questions of substance," noting he also had the opportunity — albeit outside the rules — to ask Obama questions about his handling of the economy and his vision for the future.

    "I asked why is it that the middle class is still buried in this country, why is it we still have 23 million people out of work," Romney said.

    The result, Romney explained, is that the American people got to see "that he and I stand for something very different."

    Lehrer's performance was criticized by some in the media and by Democrats for allowing Romney to repeatedly interrupt the president — a move the Obama campaign sought to brand as "testy," but was viewed by most as a sign of fight.

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