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Romney Has A Moment With A Race Car

The son of Detroit grew up around cars. "I only dreamed of cars like that."

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MOORSEVILLE, North Carolina — Mitt Romney showed a rare burst of childlike excitement Sunday during a victory rally at the NASCAR Technical Institute here, where he was speaking in front of a car painted with his campaign logo.

"I look back here at this car," he said, marveling at the car owned by NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip. "You see, as a boy, my dad made Ramblers, alright. And I only dreamed of cars like that."

“To have my name on a car like that, it’s just too much," he effused. "Darrell, thank you for putting it on the car like that."

"It must have been tough for my girlfriend to go out on a date with me that first time in that red Rambler we had," Romney joked, by way of introducing his wife and Janna Ryan.

Earlier Waltrip fired up the crowd by offering his advice for Romney and Ryan: his signature cry of "Boogity, boogity, boogity."

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