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Romney Giving Driven By Fundraisers

Biggest fundraising days came during NYC swing. Little bump after early state wins.

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Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is the best funded of the Republican candidates, but his appeal to donors has less to do with his electoral successes than his rivals'.

The Romney's campaign best fundraising day in January came not after his victory in the New Hampshire primary, but immediately after a day of fundraising in New York City before the South Carolina primary. The second best day for the campaign was the day of the fundraisers — January, 18th.

This contrasts with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, who had their best fundraising days after their respective victories in the Iowa caucuses ($362,000 for Santorum) and the South Carolina primary ($403,164 for Gingrich).

It's a mark of the extent to which he has failed to connect with the Republican rank and file, and to create the emotional moments that fuel his both his primary rivals and President Barack Obama.