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    Romney Campaign Rejects Claim They Are Misinforming Voters

    But poll observer training document is misleading.

    Mitt Romney's presidential campaign argued Tuesday that a disputed poll watcher training document is technically accurate, even as it appears to mislead voters.

    “It’s obvious Democrats are losing when they start peddling the same tired and false attacks they use every election cycle,” said deputy press secretary Ryan Williams said of the document, obtained by the liberal blog ThinkProgress. “Our campaign is seeking open and fair elections where every legal vote counts and desperate claims otherwise are offensive and wrong.”

    In reality, several voting requirements are laid out incorrectly in one portion of the document, and then elaborated on correctly later on.

    The document also said felons are ineligible to vote, while they may cast ballots once their voting rights are restored.

    "The training states that a felon may vote if his or her rights have been restored," the campaign maintained. "The materials are correct."

    But on a slide titled "Voter eligibility" the document states a person is ineligible if s/he "has been convicted of treason, a felony, or bribery. Only later in the document, when discussing when poll workers can challenge ballots, is it made clear that they can only be disputed if there is knowledge that the voter has not had his/her voting rights restored.

    Among the most contentious points was a statement that a drivers license is required for voting, which Think Progress noted is false now that the state’s voter ID law has been struck down. The campaign replied that the section on ID was referring to same day registrants — and that proof of residency is required for them to vote.

    "The injunction of the Wisconsin ID law does not change what establishes proof of residency for registration," an aide said. "The materials are correct."

    The training document also said that observers should never talk to voter, while Think Progress notes they are allowed to assist if the voter asks. The Romney campaign said that the document was correct since they have told their observers not to interfere with voting.

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