Romney Campaign On Defensive Over Equal Pay Law

    Say "they'll get back" to reporters about support for the Lilly Ledbetter Act after awkward silence on conference call.

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    The Obama campaign forwarded a statement from Lilly Ledbetter in response to Romney's silence.

    “I was shocked and disappointed to hear that Mitt Romney is not willing to stand up for women and their families. If he is truly concerned about women in this economy, he wouldn’t have to take time to ‘think’ about whether he supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This Act not only ensures women have the tools to get equal pay for equal work, but it means their families will be better served also. Women earn just 77 cents to every dollar that men earn for the same job, which is why President Obama took decisive action and made this the first bill that he signed when he took office. Women should have the ability to take their bosses to court to get the same pay as their male coworkers. Anyone who wants to be President of the United States shouldn’t have to think about whether they support pursuing every possible avenue to ensuring women get the same pay for the same work as men. Our economic security depends on it.”

    Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul tweeted later Wednesday that "of course [Romney] supports pay equity for women," though the Obama campaign is not satisfied with that answer.

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    UPDATE: Romney campaign spokesman Amanda Hennenberg forwards this statement:

    “Women account for more than 92% of jobs lost under Barack Obama. Of course Mitt Romney supports pay equity for women. The real question is whether President Obama supports jobs for women.”