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    Romney Asks His Donors To Talk To Their Kids

    He might be doing it wrong. Also asks donors to $2500-a-head fundraiser to tweet. "I'm not sure if you have a Facebook, but now that it's worth $100 million*, you might pay more attention."

    Mitt Romney wants his top donors to Tweet and use Facebook on his behalf — not to mention convince their kids to vote for him.

    According to Yahoo News pool reporter Holly Bailey, Romney said he “needs young people to come on board,” and suggested those in the audience talk to their kids on his behalf.

    More from the pool report:

    Romney said the campaign has a “non stop effort” around the country and, “I do need your help, and in a number of different ways. You know the one that came through today, and that’s helping me raise money. Writing checks is important. Getting friends to do so is important.”

    But, he added, “also get on social media. I don’t know how many of you tweet, but I tweet.” (Several in the audience laughed.) “I’m not sure if you have a Facebook, but now that it’s worth $100 million*, you might pay more attention and let people know what you are thinking about what is happening in politics," Romney said.

    He riffed on Obama’s failure to create jobs and talked up his own credentials—using basic lines from his usual stump speech. But he acknowledged he has had misses, too. “I understand the economy because I have lived it. And by the way, I’ve been successful, but I’ve also lost,” Romney said. “There are some times that I’ve failed. I’ve probably learned more from the failures than the successes.”

    He said, if elected, he would bring back the economy “not just for the people in this room, but for those outside this room who want a brighter future for themselves and their kids.”

    *It's unclear whether Romney said million or billion, according to Bailey.