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Romney Aides Received More Bonus Cash In September

Campaign has paid out $425,000 in bonuses since the GOP convention.

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Ten Romney for President staffers received bonuses — as much as $37,500 — in September, according to Federal Election Commission filings released today.

Romney political director Rich Beeson scored the largest amount, taking in a combined $75,000 in two payments on August 31, after the Republican National Convention, and September 13.

According to an spokesperson, the money was paid out of the campaign's account for the primaries, and are "win bonuses as part of people's employee agreements."

General Counsel Katie Biber, Policy Director Lanhee Chen, Communications Director Gail Gitcho, Digital Director Zac Moffat, Campaign Manager Matt Rhoades, and Senior Adviser Gabriel Schoenfeld all received $50,000 payouts in the same two installments.

Deputy Political Director Jason McBride and top aide Louis Tavares each took in $20,000 bonuses, while Press Secretary Andrea Saul received a single $10,000 check on September 12, filings show.

The bonuses are only for Romney's top aides who are on the campaign's payroll. Other senior advisers, including Stuart Stevens and Eric Fehrnstrom are paid through a consulting company.

The spokesperson added that the payments were split into two months "for budgetary reasons."