Republicans Are Upset That Obama Is Giving Remarks At The Same Time As Eric Cantor’s Speech

GOP officials take to Twitter to voice their discontent.


WASHINGTON — Republican aides are calling out the White House for scheduling President Barack Obama’s remarks on avoiding the sequester at the same time House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is delivering a major address Tuesday afternoon.

Cantor’s address to the American Enterprise Institute at 1 p.m. has been on the books for weeks, and is billed by his aides as an agenda-setting speech — and one, that according to excerpts, will continue the party’s shift away from a singular focus on fiscal isses.

“Why are they so worried about Americans hearing positive ideas on how to help working families,” asked a Cantor aide. “We’re flattered they’re putting so much emphasis on Leader Cantor’s remarks.”

On Tuesday morning, White House officials told reporters that Obama would be making remarks at 1:15 to outline his plan to avoid the mandatory spending cuts known as the sequester.

Republican aides also weighed in on the timing on Twitter:

If you want serious leadership in the 1:00 hour, tune into Ldr Cantor’s remarks. If you want something else, the WH is all you.— Brendan Buck

Classy RT @ZekeJMiller: Obama scheduled his statement at the same time Eric Cantor is laying out his agenda. Hm…— Brendan Buck

@StevenTDennis @ethanklapper @ZekeJMiller White House wants to distract from positive, substantive ideas to help working families, again.— Rory Cooper

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