Obama Tells A Birther Joke

    Born in Hawaii? Obama wants to see your birth certificate.

    At the Gators Dockside sports bar in Orlando, Obama gives a kid from Hawaii a tough time about his birth certificate.

    POTUS is spending a lot time here chatting and taking pictures with kids. The place is packed, maybe around 120 people. POTUS is on far side, moving from table to table accompanied by wing man Marvin Nicholson.

    Now he's leading a round of happy birthday to a birthday girl who's sitting in the middle of the place. "How old are you?" He asks her. She holds up 3 fingers. She's talking up a storm to him and he's leaning down so he can hear her.
    Then he says "awesome!" And starts cheering.

    More cheers. Potus turns to pool and says, pointing to girl: "outstanding rendition of the star spangled banner!"

    POTUS seens pretty relaxed, this is a big family place, despite the 19 tv screens all showing various games. Huge number of kids here and potus is in big time baby-chatting mode.

    He goes to a huge table of ten, five kids, and one woman points to a blond boy at the opposite end and says "he was born in Hawaii."
    POTUS lights up and does some presumably Hawaii sign with his hand, which the boy returned.

    Then Potus says: "You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?" The table busted out laughing.

    And pool was whisked out.