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    Obama Judges A Sausage

    On Saturday, he "proclaimed it tasty."

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    From the White House Pool Report:

    At 3:45 p.m the motorcade made an unscheduled stop at Usingers Fine Sausage, a local meat deli founded in 1880. A few patrons were shopping in the deli, with a large U-shaped deli counter full of Italian sausages and bratwursts. They were from Ohio, another swing state, and one was wearing an Ohio State sweathshirt.

    Obama, as he had during a recent Ohio stop, helped the group spell out O-H-I-O with their arms, and the president did the H, raising his arms above his head. Then he and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett approached the deli counter and inspected the sausages.

    Obama shook hands with the employees, who were wearing red smocks, and said: “I’ve got to place my order.” He ordered a kielbasa, an Italian sausage and a hot sausage. Barrett tried to use an Obama-embossed credit card to pay, but Obama insisted on paying.

    An employee handed Obama a sample and he tried it, then turned to the press and instructed us to buy one. “Don’t be cheapskates,” he said. Then he added: “They wont let me buy food for them. It’s against the law.”

    As the employees were wrapping his order, Obama was distracted by Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols, who was telling White House staff that he was leaving $8 to pay for his own sausages that he had taken from the deli trays.

    “I left $8. I’m not stealing these,” Nichols said, waving the package.
    “Am I paying for those?” Obama asked. Nichols informed him that he had left an estimated amount of money.

    “How do you know it’s enough?” Obama asked.

    “I left $8. That’s good, solid American currency. I estimated but if it’s not enough I know you’re good for it,” Nichols said.

    The pool was escorted out. Later, as the pool was standing outside waiting for the president to come out, deputy press secretary Josh Earnest came out and handed Nichols $4 in change.

    Obama then came out and was met by an employee of another sausage company across the street, who handed the president a Styrofoam container with a hot bratwurst sandwich. The president opened it and took a couple bites and proclaimed it tasty.

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