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Obama Dings Romney: "We Don't Need An Inside Job In Washington"

Obama ties Romney to House GOP.

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WOODBRIDGE, Va. — President Barack Obama launched a forceful counterattack on his Republican opponent a day after he was criticized for saying change doesn't come from inside Washington.

Speaking from a minor league baseball field to a roaring crowd of 12,000, Obama fired Romney's declaration that he'll "get the job done from the inside" right back at him.

“What kind of inside job is he talking about," Obama asked. "Is it the job of rubber-stamping the top-down, you’re-on-your-own agenda of this Republican congress? Because then we don’t want it!"

He continued:

If it’s the job of letting oil companies write our energy policy, we don’t want it.

If it’s the job of outsourcers writing our tax code, we don’t want it.

If it’s the job of letting politicians decide who you can marry or control the health care choices that women should be able to make for themselves, we’ll take a pass.

“We don’t want an inside job in Washington, we want change in Washington,” he concluded as the crowd went wild.

Obama repeated his assertion at a Univision forum yesterday that real change comes to Washington from the outside, emphasizing that those in attendance made healthcare reform and his other policy victories happen.

"You’re the reason a middle class family here in Virginia got tax cut," he said."’s because of you.