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    Posted on Feb 7, 2012

    Obama Campaign: Yes We're Flip-Flopping On Super PACs, But Not Nearly As Bad As Mitt Romney

    Lobbyists Welcome!

    Pool / Getty Images

    A senior official in President Barack Obama's reelection campaign admitted today that the change in policy to lend support to allied Super PACs opens the president up to charges of flip-flopping.

    Billing it as "a change in tactics" on a conference call with reporters, the campaign official maintained that the shift "has nothing to do with the type of flip-flopping that we are seeing from Mitt Romney."

    The official sidestepped a question as to whether the Super PAC, Priorities USA, will accept donations from registered lobbyists — something the Obama campaign has not done. "This announcement is just about campaign officials appearing at events," the official said.

    As Tim Carney points out, Obama does accept donations from recently deregistered lobbyists and those who do lobbying work that falls outside of registration requirements.

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