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No Comment From Obama On Whether Hillary Is To Blame For Benghazi

But he's happy to talk about Michelle voting for him.

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NEW YORK — President Barack Obama dodged a question on whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bears blame blame for the false narrative offered after the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi last month.

Speaking to reporters during a photo op at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va where he is finishing up debate prep, Obama took a host of soft-ball questions, but avoided one about Clinton's statement last night that the buck stops with her.

From the White House pool report:

Reporter: "How are you feeling about tonight?"

Obama, smiling: "I feel fabulous. Look at this beautiful day."

Reporter: "Are you aware Michelle voted for you yesterday?"

Obama, turning to yell back: "Thank goodness!"

Reporter: "Is Hillary to blame for Benghazi?"

Obama: Silence. Kept walking.