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    In A Key State, Obama Is Losing

    The only good news for Obama out of Florida today is that more people want him out of the White House than want Romney in it.

    President Barack Obama's campaign in Chicago got a shock Wednesday morning when the results of the Quinnipiac University Poll in Florida were released showing Mitt Romney with a six point lead in the swing state.

    Romney leads Obama 47 percent to 41 percent among registered voters in the state — a five point swing in Romney's favor from earlier this month. Mitt Romney's favorability rating is 44 percent, with 35 percent holding an unfavorable view of him. By contrast, Obama is under water, with 50 percent unfavorable and 45 percent favorable.

    Perhaps the only good news out of the poll is that more people want Obama out of the Oval Office than want Mitt Romney in it: 52 percent of voters say Obama should not be reelected compared to the 47 percent who say they will vote for Romney.

    Only 41 percent of independent voters in the state believe Obama should be reelected.

    Adding Sen. Marco Rubio to the ticket widens Romney's lead in the state to 49 – 41, according to the poll.