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Gingrich Goes Off On Mitt

Sick of Romney stalling on taxes. "I refuse to take seriously..."

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ORANGEBURG, South Carolina -- With Mitt Romney's campaign pressing him on ethics issues, the former speaker complained to reporters at a press conference here today:

He doesn’t release anything, he doesn’t answer anything, and he’s even confused about whether or not he will ever release anything and then he decides to pick a fight over releasing something?

He could have, today, released his tax records so the voters of South Carolina could discover something.

Hs father, by the way, released them a year before the election and released 12 years. His father didn’t stand around going “gee maybe I will, maybe I won’t.’ I think it’s really very confusing , because after, come on give me a break.

I refuse to take seriously any request from the Romney campaign to disclose anything, because they clear do not disclose anything on any level that involves him.

That clear?

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