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    Fear Factor! NBC Uncertain On Debate

    Debate in doubt as Romney remains on the fence.

    The future of Monday night's scheduled presidential debate is in doubt because frontrunner Mitt Romney has not yet agreed to participate.

    NBC, which will broadcast the debate, has left the regularly scheduled listings — Fear Factor at 9 p.m. and Rock Center at 10 p.m. — in place for network affiliates and NBC News source told BuzzFeed.

    If Romney confirms his attendance, the listing will be updated to reflect the scheduled debate.

    Byron York reported that Romney adviser Stuart Stevens indicated Romney may decline the to attend.

    "There are too many of these...We have to bring some order to it. We haven't accepted Florida…It's kind of like a cruise that's gone on too long," he said.

    "Preparations for the NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times debate continue," NBC News spokeswoman Erika Masonhall told BuzzFeed. "We fully intend to proceed with this long-planned event and we hope and expect all the qualifying candidates will participate."

    Masonhall tweeted a photo of the partially-constructed debate set earlier today.

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