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Entitle-Mitt Romney?

Happy Birthday Governor! Are you enrolling in Medicare? [Updated: Romney has decided against enrolling in the entitlement program, his campaign confirms to BuzzFeed.]

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Mitt Romney turned 65 today, meaning he is now officially a senior citizen — and eligible for the entitlement programs that come with the label.

Romney can enroll in Medicare beginning today, and has been able to receive partial Social Security benefits since the age of 62. (He will be eligible for full retirement benefits when he turns 66.) But it remains to be seen whether Romney, who is worth well north of $100 million, will enroll in the programs he hopes to cut back on for wealthy senior citizens like himself.

Paying out smaller benefits to the wealthiest Americans (like himself) is a key component of Romney's plan to save money by means-testing both programs — a point he often emphasizes during his stump speech.

A spokesperson for the Romney campaign did not return a request for comment on Romney's plans.