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    Did Elizabeth Warren Say She'd Vote For The Bank Bailout?

    Warren said she would have bailed out the banks--but differently. Massachusetts Senate campaign calls criticism of video "ridiculous and misleading attack."

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    Massachusetts Senate candidate and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren raised eyebrows in a circulating on the Internet showing her open to the possibility of voting for a bank bailout, despite her longtime public opposition to it.

    Filmed at a campaign event last week, Warren is heard saying she would have bailed out the banks, but took issue with how it was carried out.

    "I was calling out Wall Street over the TARP bill from the beginning," Warren told the Boston Herald last month in response to an attack ad from Karl Rove accusing her of being close to Wall Street banks.

    Warren press secretary Alethea Harney said the assertion that Warren changed her position was "just another ridiculous and misleading attack from one of Wall Street's favorite Senators, Scott Brown, who’s built a record protecting the big banks and hedge-funds."

    "Elizabeth has been consistent in her views," she added. "She has been outspoken and outraged about the blank check TARP gave to the big banks – and that is why the big banks and their allies have tried so hard for so long to undermine her work. She has said – and said again last week — that action was needed after the 2008 economic collapse, but the blank check from TARP was the wrong action."