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Axelrod: SuperPAC = Campaign

Obama's top adviser refuses to make a distinction between inside money and outside money. Calls the Koch brothers "contract killers."

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President Barack Obama's top advisers told reporters on a conference call Monday morning that the campaign will treat Republican Super PAC ads as though they came from the Romney campaign.

Senior adviser David Axelrod warned the Romney campaign that the campaign will respond in kind to every attack from Super PACs, including the billionaire Koch Brothers, who he called “contract killers out there in Super PAC land."

The statement from Axelrod indicates that the Obama campaign no longer has faith in its Super PAC, Priorities USA, which has struggled to raise significant sums of money.

Axelrod added that the campaign will spend about $25 million on television ads in May — a staggering sum that the Romney campaign can't match at this stage in the campaign. The latest television ad, "Go" will air Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado according to the campaign, representing every "swing state."

Campaign manager Jim Messina added that Mitt Romney "truly has no record to run on," attacking his record as governor of Massachusetts as taking the state from 37th in job creation to 47th in the nation.

And after Obama's first two rallies failed to draw the expected overflow crowd, Messina asserted, "Believe me, the energy and enthusiasm is real."