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    "Angry Newt" Will Be Back Tonight

    After he tried to be presidential in a sleepy debate, Gingrich is bringing back the attack lines.

    Matt Rourke / AP

    Newt Gingrich spent Monday acting presidential in the NBC News debate, but tonight the gloves are coming back off.

    After a week of escalating attacks from the Romney campaign, Gingrich previewed his response in a testy interview with CNBC host Larry Kudlow.

    You know what we've learned since Monday night? He personally owns stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He is surrounded by lobbyists who have been defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He owns stock in a Goldman Sachs subsidiary which specifically is foreclosing on people in Florida. Now, I'm very happy to take this up again tonight because I'd like to know from Governor Romney how many people been foreclosed on by the places he's made investments and how much money has he made personally out of the foreclosures in Florida? He wanted to go down this road. You'll notice, by the way, that the--when we released the contracts, they said I will do no lobbying of any kind, despite the fact that for weeks Governor Romney had been falsely saying something that is not true. But let's find out tonight, how many people have been foreclosed on by the Goldman Sachs investment that he made, how much money did he make out of Florida foreclosures? He started this particular fight. This is not anti-capitalism. This is finding out whether or now he's personally responsible for the things that he's been involved in.

    With a larger and more diverse debate audience, Gingrich advisers predict a return to the fiery candidate who used two South Carolina debate performances to catapult to the front of the polls.

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