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Aide: Obama To Visit Israel — In Second Term

On conference call with reporters, Obama adviser addresses a key Republican complaint. Says Obama not visiting Israel in first term is a "distraction."

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Campaign aides to President Barack Obama revealed on Monday that the president will likely travel to Israel during a second term — addressing a key Republican critique of the president's foreign policy.

“Expect him to visit in a second term should he be reelected," Colin Kahl, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, told reporters on a conference call discussing Mitt Romney's upcoming trip to the region on.

"It's not a serious policy difference — it’s basically a distraction," Kahl added about GOP critiques that Obama hasn't visited Israel during his first term. "It doesn’t say anything about the Obama administration’s commitment to Israeli security."

Kahl noted that President Ronald Reagan never visited Israel while in office, and that President George H. W. Bush only visited in his final year.

"Obviously you didn't hear Republicans complaining then," he said.