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11 Times British Summer Remained Sweet

British summer has a bad rep. But being a nation of stiff upper-lippers it's key to remember there are always sweet silver linings. Find some #SummertimeSweetness with Candy Warhol, as even unstoppable downpours start to look good.

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1. When Umbrella was number 1 for 10 weeks and torrential rain ensued

The Sun / Via

... But it's still such a jam that we can forgive RiRi


2. When 99p flakes went up to £1.80 in the ultimate act of betrayal

Saturday Night Live / NBC / Via

... But that first lick kind of made up for the price


3. When your Pimms was all fruit and no liquid

Daniel Boud / Via

... But getting your 5 a day has never tasted so good


4. When we fell as a nation alongside Iain during #bingate

Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / Via

... But all the innuendos made it worth it

Cosmopolitan / Via

5. When exam results day haunted your nightmares

Teen Wolf / MTV / Via

... But you ended up in your local paper with a sick jumping picture

The Telegraph / Via

6. When going to a festival meant wellies (and canoes) at dawn

YouTube / Via

... But if there's one thing cooler than crowd surfing, it's flood-water surfing

YouTube / Via

7. When you dealt with the inevitable heartbreak that comes at the end of a summer fling

New Girl / FOX / Via

... But you also regained the opportunity to 'put your hands up' when Queen Bey asked you to

Saturday Night Live / NBC / Via

8. When you risked permanent damage to your feet in order to break in those new school shoes

Faxo / Via

... But you did get to raid WH Smith for the crème de la crème of stationary after Clarks

The Mighty Boosh / Baby Cow Productions / Via

Smelly gel-pens anyone?

9. When you were taught how to queue for Wimbledon

@dombook / Via Twitter: @dombook

... But then Andy Murray won and everything was great

Yahoo! Sports / Via

10. When getting battered and bruised on a slip 'n' slide came with the territory

YouTube / Via

... But at least you'll have some badass scars to show off

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone / Warner Bros / Via

11. When your friends jetted off on their summer adventures and instead you indulged in a staycation

Tumblr / Via

... And remember that nothing says summer like pick 'n' mix at the seaside

Tumblr / Via

Have you managed to sweeten up your life? Let's hear your #SummertimeSweetness story with Candy Warhol

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