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    Posted on Aug 11, 2014

    16 Things Healthy People Say To EDSers

    Ridiculous things people who don't have or understand Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome say to those of us who do have EDS. Or - What Not To Say To Someone With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Reactions to stupidity may be NSFW.

    1. "I completely understand what you're going through. I sprained my ankle last summer."


    You don't get it at all. Sorry. You don't.

    2. "If you just got out more, or got some exercise, you'd feel better."

    Orange Is The New Black / Via

    Besides the fact that exercising can be dangerous for us (because it can cause dislocations, tears, and ruptures - so it's always best to be done with a physical therapist or workout partner), it can be extremely painful for some - and no, doing more won't make us "feel better" unless you think worsening symptoms is feeling better?

    3. "Well, Dr. Oz said..."

    Animation Domination / Via

    *facepalm* Dr. Oz is an idiot, and gives terrible advice.

    4. "Get Well Soon"

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia / Via

    You mean well, we get that. But chronic illness means we'll never "get well" - some days are just better than others.

    5. "Well, if you'd just pray more..."

    Late Night With Jimmy Fallon / Via

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a lifelong, degenerative illness - from birth to death. There's no cure. I'm not just going to wake up one day and instantly be fine because I prayed for it. Are you kidding me?!

    6. "Can't you just get, like, collagen injections or something?"

    Parks & Recreation / Via

    No. Just no. You don't get how DNA works. So. No.

    7. "Pain is good."

    8. "I wish I were that flexible!"

    Every time a joint slips or dislocates, the soft tissue connected to that joint — tendons, ligaments, muscle, fascia, blood vessels — all stretches. Because of the structural defect in collagen, all that connected tissue is stretched beyond what normal should be; high resolution MRIs reveal microtrauma, microscopic tears that start up the inflammation and coagulation cascades. But because each joint can subluxate over and over in just a single day, these microtraumas happen over and over in the same tissue without healing successfully. - Dr. Clair Francomano

    9. "But, you look fine. You don't look sick or hurt... or disabled."

    Mary Poppins / Via

    Because you obviously don't understand invisible illness. We mask our pain and try to lead as normal lives as possible.

    10. "You know you'd feel better if you just lost/gained some weight."

    Supernatural / Via

    Weight is not an indication of health. Some EDSers are thin, and have trouble gaining. Some EDSers are larger, and have trouble losing. We can have a lot of gastrointestinal issues that you have no clue about, in addition to all the widespread, chronic joint pain.

    11. "Isn't there some surgery that can fix you?"

    The Office NBC

    Nope. Surgeries are like band aids for EDSers. Sometimes there's a surgery that might be able to help one of our multitudes of problems - like a knee or hip or shoulder or stomach, a little, for awhile. But we heal slower than most people, and faulty connective tissue in our entire bodies isn't something that can be replaced.

    12. "You're too young to have so many problems."

    Mad Men

    Yes. Yes, I am. But I've been this way since birth, just gets worse as we age. But it's adorable you think young people are all healthy.

    13. "But you were fine yesterday/this morning."

    Overexertion, activity, weather, stress, too much standing, too much walking, too much sitting... any of these things can cause us enough pain to need to stay in bed for days with ice packs, heating pads, pain relievers, etc. My pain is not about you.

    14. "Be glad it's not something worse."

    House / Via

    Oh yeah, fuck you. That's the one.

    15. "You're always so tired. I wish I could just lay around all day!"

    Grey's Anatomy

    And I wish I could have a normal, active life! If you don't understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a symptom of EDS), you need to read The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

    16. "You should use this miracle cure supplement thing that worked for my sister's roommate's auntie's cousin who had something completely different."

    Sherlock / Via

    Science, bitch.

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