10 Reasons Why Kate Mulgrew Is Still A Boss

Where do you recognize “Orange is the New Black’s” Red from? That’s right, she used to be the Captain of the Federation Starship Voyager. And now Kate Mulgrew is playing the same part, more or less in Jenji Kohan’s new show.

1. She was the ultimate Federation Captain.

She managed to get her crew back to the Alpha quadrant before they were grey and old.

2. And now In “Orange is the New Black,” she basically runs a federal prison.

3. She can starve you out if she doesn’t like you

Especially if you don’t like her cooking.

4. She’ll do anything to get her hands on a real chicken

Unlike Captain Janeway, Red doesn’t rely on a fancy replicator to get by.

5. She still runs a tight ship

6. She’s way funnier than Captain Janeway

7. Did I mention that she gets spa treatment in prison?

8. C’mon just look at that hair

…And this death stare

9. Mulgrew seriously makes prison look glamorous

10. Some of you might miss these moments

But I guarantee you Red is just as good

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