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12 Questions People With Allergies Are Tired Of Hearing

"No I'm not sick. It's allergies."

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1. "Why are you sneezing so much?"

Davis Entertainment / Via

I can't help it. Sorry.

2. "Are you sick?"

FoxyCyrus / Via

Nope just my allergies.

3. "Isn't allergy season over?"

Desilu Productions / Via

Sorry but my allergies don't really care what season it is.

4. "So is this like a year long thing?"

ABC Family / Via

It's really a "whenever my allergies feel like acting up" kind of thing.

5. "Can't you just get shots for that?"

NBC / Via

Yep, but they're not miracle drugs.

6. "How can you be allergic to (insert your allergy here)?"

Fox / Via

I'm sorry, but I didn't choose this life -- it chose me.

7. "So did you always have allergies?"

Fox / Via

Does it matter?

8. "How could you use that many tissues?"

New Line Cinema / Via

Because my nose will not stop running, that's why!

9. "Are you crying?"

ABC / Via

Nope just my allergies making my eyes tear up. Nothing to see here.

10. "Why are your eyes so red?"

Fox / Via

Please see previous.

11. "Are your allergies still bothering you?"


Yes. Yes they are.

12. "Are you sure it's allergies?"

Comedy Central / Via

For the last time ... yes!

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