19 Struggles Every Blogger Will Recognize

    Blogging is the way, the truth, and the life.

    1. When you finally think of the perfect URL and then discover it's already taken.

    2. Or if you want to change your URL, you have to make sure your old one redirects to the new one.

    3. Not to mention having to change all your social media names.

    4. When you have to go through the painful stress of switching from a Wordpress.com to a self-hosted, Wordpress.org site.

    5. When your stats suddenly drop and you have no idea why.

    6. When you want to join a blogger network but your stats aren't high enough yet.

    7. When you're in bed and you realize you forgot to schedule a post for tomorrow.

    8. Or when you don't sleep at all because blogging is a full time job.

    9. When someone totally steals your custom blog layout and doesn't credit you.

    10. Or worse, when someone completely plagiarizes one of your posts.

    11. When you do a sponsored post for a brand and they take forever to pay you.

    12. Or when you review a product and the company asks you to edit it.

    13. When someone agrees to do a guest post and then cancels at the last second.

    14. When you took the time to make a really cool giveaway but NO ONE SIGNS UP.

    15. When you suddenly get a flood of spam in your comments and it won't go away.

    16. When you go on vacation and there's limited access to the internet.

    17. When people try to demean your blogging and don't get the point of it.

    18. Or they try to tell you it's a waste of time and won't amount to anything.

    19. Sometimes you even find yourself wondering if your blog is worth all the effort you put into it.

    But then you remember your blog is amazing and there's a whole community of bloggers who are there for you.