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  • Obama Is A Technophobe White House Scandal

    PARODY. Obama suffers from Technophobia. Would you believe this story? You have no reason to believe, you are so sure Obama’s high capabilities. But what about your abilities? Do you sometimes encounter barriers that prevent knowledge from you to perform online? Especially for you we have developed a Leo. Web application that helps you deal with all applications knowledge barrier. Take for example the office software. Do you know them all? Can you control them all? Of course not. You can try Leo.

  • OMG Jackie Chan Is Dead

    Jackie Chan is dead? Jackie Chan is a turkey born in Nebraska. Get used to see life a new perspective. Jackie Chan was born in Nebraska. He worked on film stages as a stuntman. Today we are sad that Jackie Chan is dead. Don’t worry, not the real Jackie…

  • Global Warming Al Gore Turkey Operation

    Walltrix TurkeyComedy Global Warming Al Gore Operation. one turkey is going to land on the moon. one fart from that turkey might stop the global warming. true story. Need more fun? pop in to walltrix site. The world on your desktop.

  • IBigBird VS Steve Jobs’s IPad

    Walltrix TurkeyComedy iBigBird VS Steve Jobs iPad. This is all about a revenge. Steve Jobs is going to pay for eating one member of Walltrix family. A poor turkey. We will not stand it anymore. We know what we have to do. We got the technology to build a better solution. ladies and jets, we give you, the iBigBird. this is a message to all the pastrami lovers, Wait for revenge.

  • Walltrix TurkeyComedy VS @aplusk Ashton Kutcher

    Walltrix TurkeyComedy VS Ashton Kutcher. My wife is having an afair with Ashton kutcher. The slut is tweeting with Ashton. why me? Why me?I don’t deserve it. My wife is having an afair with Ashton Kutcher on Facebook. can you tell me where is my wife right now? What she is doing at nights? Dating with Ashton? Sleeping with him? who knows. Like what you saw on this video? Wanna have more fun? Please visit walltrix site. The world on your desktop.

  • Sorry, I Am Not A Sex Maniac #TurkeyComedy

    Nice to meet you, WallTrix, the only turkey who lives a life much better from you. Welcome to my yacht. I invited the director of my office to my yacht, that’s because I only have one thing in mind. Sex, sex, sex. My wife does not know anything about it. My wife is just frigid. she is in love with Ashton Kutcher. My wife is having an afair with Ashton Kutcher on FaceBook. Get used to it, it turns out, there are turkeys who live in a soap opera.

  • Walltrix TurkeyComedy Rambo VS Ahmadinijad

    Walltrix TurkeyComedy Rambo VS Ahmadinijad. Looking for fun? search for walltrix the best playground on the net. more fun, more apps and it will not cost you a dime. free free free. we belive in fun, that’s why we produced the turkey comedy. to give you the opertunity to learn about us with more fun.

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