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    15 Times Things Got Really Weird

    LOL WUT?

    1. When this goat won a gold medal for its talented ice-skating routine:

    2. When you realized this was why all of your juice boxes were always gone:


    It would be cute if it weren't for the theft!

    3. When you found... this in your bathroom:


    It's like Jason and a watermelon had a son.

    4. When your lunch was low-key still alive.

    5. When this mantis knew exactly how you felt:

    6. When your dog needed to take a chill pill.

    7. Or when your dog couldn't separate expectation from reality.



    8. When you realized you had supernatural powers.

    9. When this dog got a makeover:

    10. And when this cat had a cold:

    11. When all you wanted was a picnic, and all you got was FACE.

    12. When all your dad could do was cause you, himself, and the rest of the world major embarrassment.

    13. When this Pomeranian made you fear for your life:

    14. When you could've sworn your eggs were trying to tell you something.

    15. And finally, when this:

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