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Reasons Not To Go “Matchy-Matchy” On The Big Day

While it might make sense to stick to the tried and true, there is certainly merit to mixing things up while planning your wedding. All you need is a spark of creativity to make the day your own – as it should be!

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If bold colors and eccentric styles speak to you…

Kaysha Weiner Photographer / Via

…then you may just be the perfect candidate for a mismatched wedding!

Kate Supa Photography / Via

Switch it up by experimenting with different dress lengths…

Jacquelyn Poussot Photography / Via

…and don’t forget that boys just wanna have fun, too!

Jordan Brittley / Via

Add pops of color with a mix of brightly colored shoes for your bridal party…

Picoette Photography / Via

…or opt for his-and-hers shoes that say, “you’re the salt to my pepper, the peanut butter to my jelly” – the perfect sentiment for your wedding day!

Turner Photography Studio / Via

Keep it subtle by switching things up with the bouquets…

Melissa Robotti Photography / Via

…or go all out with assorted patterns!

Miss Brache / Via

Blending colorful antique furniture can be perfect for those who want something extra special…

Abryan Photo / Via

Or simply for someone who can’t even decide what they’re having for dinner.

The Life You Love Photography / Via

At the end of the day, you just can’t go wrong with a little mix-and-match!

Steve Cowell Photography / Via

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