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Luxury Wedding Details That Will Blow Your Mind

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life – why not splurge a little and make it the best darn celebration ever? These lavish wedding details are the epitome of luxury – but it never hurts to dream, does it?

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Any high-end wedding requires overflowing flowers – didn’t you read the manual?

Instagram: @strictlyweddings / Via

Oh, and flowers under the floor are quite the stunning bonus.

Instagram: @wedluxe / Via

One must also be treated like royalty – or Lady Gaga (sans the egg of course!)

Instagram: @cocoonevents / Via

…you’ll be sure to take the breath away from anyone who walks in the door.

Instagram: @trumpdoralweddings / Via

I mean, wouldn’t you want to say ‘I do’ at the end of this aisle!?

Instagram: @britbertino / Via

Enough said – just say yes to a luxury wedding!

Instagram: @fsesevents / Via

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