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    Posted on Aug 8, 2016

    9 Ways To Maximize Your Wedding Venue

    More often than not, the venue is the first major decision when planning a wedding. Only then does the fun begin - read on for oodles of inspiration on how to make the most of an event space.

    When planning a wedding, the venue is perhaps one of the most influential pieces of the puzzle…

    M&J Photography / Via

    …so why not take advantage and get the most out of the space?

    Cocoon Events Group / Via

    Sometimes it’s as simple as taking advantage of the gorgeous scenery…

    Emily & Steven Photography / Via

    …before guiding your guests to the main event in style.

    Cocoon Events Group / Via

    Take advantage of height – vertical décor is the new black.

    Cocoon Events Group / Via

    A lush lounge area is the perfect space for guests to unwind…

    Don Mears Photography / Via

    …only to rest their feet before heading back to the dance floor, of course!

    Be Photography / Via

    Oh, and don’t forget that candles really are a girl’s best friend.

    Cocoon Events Group / Via

    With that, good luck and happy planning!

    Cocoon Events Group / Via
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