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    • zachl16

      There is so much horrible food on here. Not sure who came up with this list: 1. Mamoun’s: Really? Their falafel is cheap. That’s it. It takes like shit. It’s for broke college students…not people with good taste. 2. Every burger: There are so many bad, overpriced burgers in this city. Please be specific. 3. Every pizza place: WTF. There is as much horrendous pizza in the city as great pizza. You need to watch out, or you will be vomiting. 4. Cronuts: Great, let’s be super trendy and recommend that people stand in line for hours to try some trendy shit that will not be trendy in aboutamonth. 5. Empanadas from Nuchas: These are overpriced, tiny, not very tasty empanadas in times square. Seriously?

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