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    We Took Shots With Celebrities To See If They Could Guess Which Vodka Was Puff Daddy's Cîroc

    "May I call you Daddy?"

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    We got a bunch of celebrities to take vodka shots and try to guess which alcohol was Puff Daddy's Cîroc. Then Puff Daddy came by and schooled us all:

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    Let's face it, this video was just a rouse for Zach to take shots with famous people.

    The ~stars~ had all obviously heard of Diddy.

    In addition to being familiar with Pú, the celebs were also pretty knowledgeable about vodka. Especially Jason Derulo.

    It was time to put them to the test. Could they tell the difference between a cheap vodka and Puffy's Cîroc.

    "Do you think that this tastes what Puff Daddy might taste like?"

    The stars were pretty sure that first beverage wasn't the one. Meanwhile, Zach was wasted.

    After the second smooth shot, all the celebs correctly guessed it was Daddy's. Now, it was time to bring out the man himself.

    Naturally, it was time to take one last shot.

    And chant, "Cîroc, Cîroc, Cîroc. Let's get some pusssssyyyyyyyy."

    And why not one more for fun? What a beautiful night!