How To Use Your College Degree

You graduated college! Congrats! Now to find a job. Oh wait, there are no jobs. Here’s what you can do with your degree in the meantime.

College was great, wasn’t it? You took awesome classes, made awesome friends, and soaked up all the awesomeness. Then you graduate and realize even though your major was great, it’s not leading to any interviews.

While you job hunt, here’s some alternative ways to use your degree.

1. Mousepad

And how useful it is.

They certainly are sturdy.

2. Dust Collector

Use it as an indicator of when it’s time to clean and/or dust your room.

3. Contemplate Life

Think about what you could have majored in that would have helped with job hunting.

4. Selfies

You recent grads have a small window of time when you’re so excited you have your degree and you want to show the world. Do it. Show the world.

5. #tbt

Alternatively, if it’s been longer than a year - throwback to it.
#tbt when I had hopes and dreams
#tbt when I was an adult with no responsibilities
#tbt when I thought I was done with minimum wage jobs

6. Be Proud

You did accomplish something great so keep your chin up, graduate. You’re bound to find something soon. We’re all in this together.

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