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5 Crazy Inventions Made In Israel

Israel is known as the startup nation. Alongside major inventions such as Waze, Wix and the USB flash-drive, there are several other crazy Israeli inventions you probably never heard of...

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1. Heart-Shaped Cucumber


Nothing says "I love you" more than a salad. No. Not really. But a new Israeli crop, the heart-shaped cucumber, is a good start. Grown in the Israeli desert using Spanish methods, the uniquely-shaped vegetable will soon be available in supermarkets throughout the country.

2. Shaving Razors Inspired By Frog And Cricket Legs

NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News / Via

Despite the fact that no animals (except for humans!) shave, it turns out the animal kingdom can teach us a thing or two about shaving. Researchers at the Technion have found that by mimicking the texture of the legs of creatures who live in wet environments – they can create better razors.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Made Of Jellyfish

Times Of Israel / Via

When you think of a stingly, gooey jellyfish, the last thing that would ever come to mind is smooth toilet paper. But you may have to rethink your opinion of the creature, as an Israeli company is using the raw material to create absorbing cloths.

4. AIDS Prevention Circumcision Device

NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News / Via

The UN has declared that circumcision is an efficient way to battle the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. It now called on Israel to use PrePex, a revolutionary Israeli medical device, to circumcise 700,000 Rwandan men.

5. Drip-Free Pita Bread / Via

Best thing since sliced bread? If you've ever had the traditional Israeli falafel pita, then you're probably familiar with its main drawback – leakage. Israeli pastry-chef Shimmy Seren spent 7 years creating a drip-free bread cylinder.

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