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    What It’s Like To Be An F1 Fan In North America

    Get up insanely early on a weekend to watch hours and hours of a multi-day sporting event that no one you know cares about? You must be an F1 fan.

    You get up at 6am on a Saturday just to watch qualifying

    Because you know as soon as you go online, someone's going to ruin it for you.

    And again on Sunday for the race


    zoom zoom.

    But no matter what time you wake, the coverage is still horrible


    No pre-race coverage, no David Coulthard, no Eddie Jordan. NOTHING.

    And your local news coverage is even worse


    Apparently in Canada, Romain Grosjean is pronounced Romen Grossjane. The more you know.

    You're the only one of your friends who watches F1

    So you have no one to discuss things with...

    10 place grid penalty!? Ridiculous!

    And more importantly, no one to fangirl with

    Simi forever

    You have to defend it from people who don't think it's a sport


    Sure, going 300km/h with your head exposed, having to perfectly steer and manipulate your car's settings to each part of the track so you don't kill yourself, all while pulling up to 5gs on the corners isn't a sport. But curling is.

    And correct people who think it's the same as NASCAR


    Nope. No. Not at all.

    Or worse, talk about it with someone who hasn't watched since the 1980s


    After hearing that I was up early watching the Singapore GP, a relative recently asked me what Senna was doing these days.

    But it's ok

    Although some people will just never understand


    You can always try to turn a non-believer


    Everyone likes a good high-speed car crash right?

    Or take comfort in your fellow fans worldwide

    And the knowledge that there will be another Grand Prix soon

    Or you could just cry yourself to sleep.

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