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    31 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Wayfair That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

    Because you don't always need a lot of $$$ to make over your home.

    1. A sweet porch swing to hang at the front of your house. You and a friend (or two) can sit in it and think happy thoughts.

    A wooden porch swing with metal chains set up on a patio with a green throw pillow and green rug

    2. An oriental-style rug to warm up any room in your bare house. Choose from several sizes based on your needs — it's perfect for indoors.

    An oriental rug in beige, blue and pink under an accent chair

    3. A slim bathroom vanity that’ll work for the smallest of spaces. This sleek, modern choice comes equipped with a slab door and a satin nickel pull.

    A very slim brown bathroom vanity with a small white sink next to a teal metal stool inside a bathroom

    4. An extremely cute set of bookends to give life to your shelf. This one, resembling a dachshund, is made of stone and has anti-skid bottoms so they won’t slip or scratch.

    White bookends that look like a dachshund dog with three books in the middle

    5. A wood-burning fire pit, because the only way you’ll see your friends this winter is by sitting with them outside. Use this outdoor fireplace to gather around and stay warm. A dome-shaped heat resistant mesh will keep sparks from burning you.

    A black fire pit outside with a black screen near green bushes

    6. A day bed so you can feel less weird for taking so many naps while working from home. This twin-sized bed with a mid-century design is also ideal for guests.

    A black daybed with a white mattress and two throw pillows

    7. A salt lamp so you can bring the spa to you when you can’t go there. Not only are salt lamps beautiful to look at, they can illuminate your room with a relaxing amber glow.

    An orange salt lamp in a white salt lamp holder on a bedside table

    8. A pair of modern chairs to make your dining area fab with just about little to no effort.

    Two plastic modern chairs with white seats and brown wooden legs with a side table in between

    9. A farmhouse kitchen sink so you can feel like Joanna Gaines when you wash your dishes. This porcelain single basin sink with a white finish will give your kitchen “Fixer Upper” vibes. Easy to clean and stain resistant, the hydro-repellent surface will keep this find looking new for years to come.

    A white farmhouse sink between a marble countertop and brown kitchen cabinets

    10. A pair of decorative floating shelves to showcase books, knickknacks, and framed photographs. Easy to mount, this set comes with all of the mountain hardware you’ll need.

    A pair of floating white bookshelves with a clock, a frame, two plants and a wooden figurine

    11. A Jeff Koons-inspired balloon dog sculpture that'll jazz up your desk or bookshelf. This decorative accessory is a great addition to your home at a fraction of the price of the unaffordable real thing.

    A silver balloon dog sculpture that looks like a knockoff of artist Jeff Koons' creation

    12. An accent mirror to brighten up your space and make it feel bigger. That’s just what mirrors do, in addition to giving you a window into your soul.

    A bathroom mirror with a grayish wooden frame around it

    13. A kitchen rolling cart, because this'll be great if your home didn’t come with an island. This'll give you extra counter space for meal prep, as well as storage space on its two grate shelves.

    A metal kitchen island with black wheels and wooden butcher block counter top with cooking accessories on it

    14. A Christmas tree that’s almost as good as the real thing (minus the price tag). This artificial tree is made of plastic, but it has a metal tree stand. Store it with no problem due to its foldable design.

    A slim green fake Christmas tree with no ornaments on it inside a family room, next to a couch and fireplace

    15. An NFL 3D display perfect showing your pride for your favorite football team. Hang it or let it sit on a shelf.

    A framed recreation of the Green Bay Packers' NFL stadium on a white shelf next to framed family photos

    16. A pair of really stylish rocking chairs for relaxing all darn day on your patio without ever getting backaches (or butt-aches, for that matter).

    Reviewer's picture of the circular wire rocking chairs

    17. A memory foam mattress, because over 11,000 reviewers swear by this. This one is way less expensive than other popular styles on the market — happy back, happy wallet.

    A neatly-made bed with a white mattress and gray and white pillows inside a bedroom

    18. A pair of nightstands to use at your bed sides to hold your book, phone, journal, lamp, and water. Made of solid wood, the mid-century design of this set will give your room some pizzazz. You’ll enjoy the easy-glide drawers.

    A mid-century modern style side table that's wood with a white drawer next to a black bed frame

    19. A room-darkening shade that darkens a room and warms it up. Get cozy with these inexpensive honeycomb cells that trap air, which cools rooms in the summer and warms them in the winter.

    White double doors leading to a backyard with a pair of white honeycomb cell shades halfway open

    20. A wall decal to personalize a room. These palm leaves will add a nice touch while not being too overwhelming. Just find corners and straight sides, and apply to create your accent wall.

    A white wall with seven giant gold palm leave stickers behind a chair and side table

    21. A velvet plush throw blanket for staying cozy and comfortable during cold-weather days. This throw is perfect to throw on your couch. Machine-washable and pill-resistant, it’s made of lightweight yet durable woven sherpa.

    A gray couch with a blue and white velvety throw blanket on it

    22. A map of the United States featuring each state’s license plate to show your love for patriotic decor. Colorful and bright, this artwork will add a pop to your drab room.

    Canvas art work with a red background and a map of the United States on it; each state on the map is in the design and color of that state's license plate

    23. A barn door because you’ve been channeling your inner HGTV goddess lately. This find, which is pre-drilled knotty pine, is affordable and easy to assemble. You can even stain it to your liking if you don’t want to keep it in its natural state.

    A living room showing a pine wood barn door hanging on a wall next to a chaise lounge and accent mirror

    24. A beautiful wreath that doesn’t scream “Christmas” to neighbors. This classy find is artificial, but looks like cherry blossom.

    A green and white floral wreath in front of a white door

    25. A nonstick tagine that’s both functional and decorative. This hand-painted terra-cotta earthenware pair can be used to make sauces, sides, bread, desserts, and more. Its conical shape keeps moisture in, creating the tastiest dishes ever.

    26. A hanging wineglass rack to not only make space in your cabinets, but to display your beautiful wine glasses like a boss.

    Two martini glasses hanging on a metal glass holder in front of a gray and silver backsplash

    27. A pair of throw pillows that'll amp up your living room setup. These two polyester pieces come in a variety of colors. Cushion pads are included, and can be taken in and out of the case for easy cleaning.

    Two small black throw pillows on white bed sheets

    28. An industrial-style chair to make you just a little bit cooler. This chair is made of galvanized steel, finished with thick powder coating, and upholstered in vintage-y faux leather. Its design will remind you of a rad cafe.

    A brown dining table over a beige rectangle rug and four black industrial metal chairs with black faux leather seats

    29. A set of the cutest boot table vases for your precious flowers. Arrange them in a row on one surface or spread them out around the house. You can also use one as a pen holder.

    Four ceramic boots in blues and greens with yellow flowers and green leaves in them

    30. A decorative tray that'll show how artsy you are *and* keeps your nightstand free of clutter.

    A counter with a geometric tray on it holding a small old school camera, colorful washi tapes and a silver frame

    31. A rustic ceiling light because they’re so hot right now. This flush-mounted light fixture gives us farmhouse vibes. A light will glow through its metal base and faux-wood base and X-brace frame.

    A ceiling-mounted light fixture that has a dark brown metal and brown wooden frame that crisscrosses, with a bulb inside

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