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    • YSLtmo

      Let’s just clear this up right quick. She was born here on american soil. This then makes her an American citizen. Therefore, her ETHNICITY has nothing to do with her NATIONALITY. You see, ethnicity is your roots. This is what most of you seem to be basing your heinous statements upon. If we go by this then, there are very, very, VERY few of you who are AMERICAN. In fact, if you want to find a real american by that standard, better visit the reservation. But no no silly peoples. Being and American is not indicative of your Ethnicity, but rather your nationality. That is, the country you are from. Having been born here, she couldn’t possibly be FROM any other country. She, just like the rest of you BORN IN AMERICA, is therefore AMERICAN. Do we understand now why she has EVERY right to be Miss America?…. Damn I hate the backward ass fucks in this country. I am ashamed to claim you as my compatriots.

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