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Yes, Lady Gaga SLAYED At The Oscars But Let's Not Forget The Original Diva/Dame.

That's DAME Julie Andrews to you.

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You may have seen Lady Gaga's medley of "The Sound Of Music" and you may have yelled "YUSSSS SLAY GAGA SLAYYYY" a number of times.

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However, it's pretty clear that some youths of today don't know where this song originated or that Julie Andrews masterminded the role in the 1965 classic, "The Sound Of Music." Let's remind them just who Dame Julie Andrews is, shall we?

THIS is Julie Andrews. Excuse me, DAME Julie Andrews. Golden Globe Winner. Oscar Winner. Gifted songstress.

Before her voice was tragically taken away from us by a doctor who couldn't perform surgery properly, she was America's (and the UK's!) singing treasure.

Don't remember the song? Refresh your memory.

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Performer and quite the talented dancer.

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Performing with THE Gene Kelly on an NBC special called "The Julie Andrews Show." You can't get more diva than that.

Belter and emoter of talent.

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Footage of her performing "Somewhere" from the hit musical "West Side Story." I'm sorry, Barbra Streisand but Julie OWNS it.

Versatile stage commander.

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She just TAKES the stage with "Le Jazz Hot" from Victor/Victoria.


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Julie only works with legends. Ergo, she worked with Carol Burnett. Wherever we go we belong, we belong, we belong....together!

Ruler of the perfect pitch.

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To bring the point home, here's her performing the classic "The Hills Are Alive" with a full orchestra.

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