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    10 Times Phyllis Nefler From "Troop Beverly Hills" Served You Fashion Realness

    Starting trends before their time, y'all. Who else could revamp a head-to-toe khaki outfit?

    As soon as Phyllis Nefler asked this question in a Bob Mackie-esque mermaid dress, you knew you were in for a fashionably wild ride.

    1. Caviar is never too much when you're wearing a dress that combines modern day work attire with the look of Marie Antoinette.

    2. Even in a drab outfit like the Wilderness Girl Troop leader uniform, she still brings the (semi) fierceness.

    Muchhhh better. Phyllis Nefler is the reason why Stanley Tucci even suggests a poncho in The Devil Wears Prada!

    3. YUS! She turned that trash bag of a uniform into a work of art reminiscent of Coco Chanel.

    4. Giving words of wisdom in an outfit that would put any African safari hunter to shame.

    5. She got intimates DOWN PAT before Britney Jean, y'all.

    6. She brought the beehive look way before Beyoncé started the Beyhive.

    7. Charitable and fierce is a good look on you, Phyllis.

    8. Some people think birds go on your head but everyone knows they go on your clavicle. Silly people.

    9. Colorblocking has never looked so hot...especially wading in the pool.

    10. And the best for last...

    Clap clap clap for the fiercest woman in movie history!