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9 Times Li Shang From "Mulan" Was The Real Man Of Your Dreams

The thirst is so real.

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1. When he surveyed his troops while baring his chest.


Prince Eric didn't even have troops!

2. When he showed off every rippling muscle in his back.


You're like a lake of muscles, Captain Li Shang!

3. When he showed off his coordination.


Love a man who can handle a big stick. *cough*

4. When he smashed the pots and his way into our hearts.


Wouldn't mind if he poked me with his big stick. 😉 😉 😉

5. When he brought bucket hats into fashion.


That look is soooo coming back.

6. When he caught a fish with his BARE HANDS.


Do you see Prince Charming doing that? Hell no.

7. When he was discouraged.


Let me comfort you.

8. When he looked like the sexiest Crossfitter ever.


Carrying double the normal amount of weights?! Stop being so lovable, Li Shang.

9. And when he emerged from his tent, sunbathed and glowing like the perfect specimen he is.


He woke up like this. ALL HAIL CAPTAIN LI SHANG!

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