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    16 Signs You're Obsessed With Schmackary's Cookies

    You're honestly the real-life version of Cookie Monster.

    There's a bakery in New York City that sells cookies like Wonka sold chocolate.


    These cookies aren't even the seasonal ones.

    I've only been just once or twice.

    On a typical Monday.

    Okay, fine. I am a proud Schmackary's Cookie Monster.

    1. You go there so often, they know you by name.


    2. You know the weekly rotating cookie schedule by heart & they are flagged in your iCal.

    Lifetime / Via

    3. You always share your cookies.

    NBC / Via

    Well, actually, you don't.

    4. You get emotional when you realize they ran out of Maple Bacon Cookies.

    NBC / Via

    5. You get emotional when you realize they still have Chunky Monkey.

    Universal Studios / Via

    6. You get shy when you see that the "cute counter guy" is working.

    7. The fact you know what days "the cute counter guy" works on.


    8. You exercise self-control.

    9. When you see the 1-for-$1 day-old bundled plastic wrapped cookies?

    ABC / Via

    10. Your friends & family from out-of-state just don't understand your obsession.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    11. You're a member of the Cookie of the Month Club.

    Lifetime / Via

    12. You always comment on their Facebook posts.

    Lifetime / Via

    13. You have more than 150+ points in their Loyalty Program.

    OWN / Via

    14. There are nearly a gazillion gay bars and Schmackary's stays open late on Friday and Saturday nights so...

    Cartoon Network / Via

    15. The moment your co-worker tells you they're having a cookie giveaway on Facebook.

    NBC / Via

    16. Your constant devotion and chatter have convinced 10+ people to "just try it" and all 10 become Cookie Monsters, too.

    No matter what, you can always rely on their cookies being there for you.

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